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Rosendale wraps up energy tour in Bozeman, weighs in on McConnell’s health



Bozeman, Montana – Along with other members of Congress, Congressman Matt Rosendale completed a multi-day tour of Montana’s energy services.

This is the congressman’s second energy tour, which he says is an opportunity for members of Congress to interact with those who are actually working in the oil refineries in Laurel as well as see the hydroelectric and coal operations that he refers to as the “backbone of the American energy grid.”

The opportunity for other members of Congress to witness this, according to Congressman Rosendale, provides them with firsthand experience when formulating legislation.

“There’s no better way to make things clear to people than to let them see firsthand what’s going on and educate them,” Rosendale said.

The congressman said that no decision has been made regarding a possible run for Congress, but that he is still upset that the “D.C. cartel, led by Mitch McConnell,” is heavily involved in Montana politics. Our team was able to speak with the congressman about a potential run for the senate and the congressman’s opinions on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s health.

The congressman has recently made comments regarding McConnel and “establishment-level Republicans'” participation in the Senate race. McConnell’s current health difficulties, he continued, are worrying.

“Anytime that we see members of Congress or elected officials where their health has been compromised or diminished that’s a sorry state of affairs,” Rosendale said, “we want to make sure that all of our elected officials are functioning at their full capacity.. if you will.. if they are not, it becomes dangerous quite frankly for our nation, I hate to see and I’m sorry to see anyone who stays in office beyond what they’re capacity allows.”

Although the congressman hasn’t declared his candidacy, rumors and supposition are rampant because some of the state’s top Republicans have declared their intention to run for her congressional seat.

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