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Senator Ken Bogner of Montana has declared his candidacy for the US Congress



Miles City, Montana – The already packed contest for Montana’s eastern Congressional district has become much more competitive.

Republican Ken Bogner of Miles City, the President Pro Tempore of the Montana State Senate, said on Wake Up NonStop Local on Tuesday morning.

Many Republicans have stated that they can’t wait forever, even though many first cautioned that they might not run unless Rep. Matt Rosendale, another Republican, challenged U.S. Senator Jon Tester, a Democrat.

According to a representative for Rosendale, the congressman is still undecided about whether to run for the Senate.

“It’s time to get in (the race),” Bogner said. “We have a border crisis. We have a national debt crisis;… 300,000 illegal immigrants were coming across the border in one month.”

The senator stated that he is aware of how difficult his task will be given the stacked field, which includes state superintendent of public instruction Elsie Arntzen and securities and insurance commissioner Troy Downing.

“I’ve got to get out there and let people know who I am,” Bogner said. “(I need to let voters know) I have the experience; I fought for our American values as a United States Marine; I fought for our conservative Montana values in the Senate.”

As proof of his efficacy as a legislator, Bogner cited legislation passed in the 2023 legislative sessions that forbade foreign enemies from purchasing agricultural land, numerous bills passed in 2021 that altered the electoral process, and bills passed in the previous three years that increased parental rights.

“I’ve passed some important legislation that we need in Congress,” Bogner said.

Bogner stated that he believes voters are receptive to his candidacy and that his Republican colleagues in Montana are aware of his desire to run.

“Republicans around the state want to see what the candidates have to say,” Bogner said. “So that support will come in as this election goes forward, and people start picking, you know who they’re supporting.

One of Bogner’s rivals has already raised a sizable sum of money.

The Downing campaign said on the eve of Bogner’s announcement that it had raised more than $194,000 in the last quarter of 2023. With another $150,000 invested, Downing’s campaign will have more than $344,000 by the time it ends in 2024.

For background, the Democratic candidate in Montana’s western Congressional district, Monica Tranel, is seeking to unseat Republican Ryan Zinke. She has access to roughly $1.2 million.



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