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Senator Steve Daines visits Adaptive Performance Center



Helena, Montana – This week, a member of the Montana congressional delegation visited the Adaptive Performance Center (APC), a gym that only serves veterans and active military people.

“The best way to serve veterans is to have other veterans serving them. This is a veteran-only community. And there’s something very unique and special about the service, the men and women who have worn the uniform. And they get it. And that’s why you hear these comments like I feel like I’m back at home,” says U.S. Senator Steve Daines (R-MT).

APC serves as a hub for veteran gatherings. They give veterans and service members the chance to strengthen their sense of community and improve their physical and emotional welfare through exercise.

Tuesday, Sen. Daines received a thorough tour of Helena’s APC and discussed the advantages of funds that support organizations like APC.

“This is a great return on investment. There are grants available. In fact, this facility received a grant. There’s tremendous return on investments,” Sen. Daines said.

APC has been able to hire and pay staff members to provide programs including personal trainers, peer mentoring, veteran liaison help, and physical health and wellness classes thanks to the Staff Sergeant Parker Gordon Fox Suicide Prevention Grant, a government award.

“That grant literally changed the face of the Adaptive Performance Center. That allows us to fully serve a veteran,” said APC co-founder and CEO Karen Pearson.

In Billings, APC has a second facility with more than 600 members.

They have welcomed 116 new members into their group since their Helena branch opened on February 1.

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