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Several fires reported in Roundup area



Several fires reported in Roundup area

Roundup, Montana – Musselshell County DES provided information on Tuesday evening about four fires in the area.

The first fire is located northeast of Knapp Road in the Melstone neighborhood.

Smoke has disappeared due to heavy rain, and teams are continuing to search for any remaining smoke.

The second fire is located near Golf Course Road.

Heavy rain had put out the fire, according to responding crews. The fire has been mopped up by crews and a landowner.

The third fire caught an area north of Alec Roy.

A smoldering fire was discovered by crews, and a landowner came at the scene The fire has since been extinguished and the area has been cleaned.

A fourth fire broke out in Roundup due to a downed power line.

Until the arrival of power company crews, the scene was secured.

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