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Snow removal companies in Billings are excited to get going



Billings, Montana – Thursday morning witnessed the arrival of snow removal companies on Billings’ streets following the region’s first significant snowfall of 2024.

Since there hasn’t been much snowfall so far this winter, several of these businesses—like Jayret Lawn and Landscaping—were ecstatic to get to work.

Jayson Leinwand, the proprietor of Jayret Lawn and Landscaping, said he began clearing the snow early on Thursday morning.

“We started at 3:30 this morning,” Leinwand said as he plowed MorningStar Senior Living facility on the west end of Billings. “Today, with the amount of snow, it’s looking like a pretty long day. For me, at least a 12-hour shift.”

Leinwand predicted a long day, but he wasn’t upset because he and his staff were always ready.

“We always have got to be ready to go now,” Leinwand said. “It’s just the name of the game for snow removal.”

On Thursday, the crew at Leiwand was more than prepared. He added that switching around the seasons might be difficult. His company also provides lawn maintenance in Billings.

“We had that October snowfall this year that we dealt with,” Leinwand said. “It was kind of a headache because we had to transition to snow and then back to leaves.”

For Leinwand, this winter has been particularly challenging. The snow stopped falling after that storm in October, which meant his business dried up.

“We ended up with leaves and stuff by the first of December,” Leinwand said. “Then we were just waiting on snow, and it didn’t snow until the middle of January.”

Although Leinwand, a Montana native, understands that these gaps are simply a necessary part of the process, they can nevertheless be upsetting.

“The average amount of snow days is 15,” Leinwand said. “That’s what we anticipate. That’s just how we have to treat it now, is always be ready for snow.”

His crew was undoubtedly prepared to assist on Thursday, one shovel of snow at a time.

“You’re helping out your customers and you’re helping out people getting to and from work so they aren’t slipping on their sidewalks,” Leinwand said. “We take pride in that.”


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