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Streamline bus service introduces new timetables and stops



Bozeman, Montana – The Streamline bus timetable and routes are undergoing some alterations thanks to the HRDC.

All four main lines now have about thirty more stops, with the majority being on the Brown Line. Ensuring that riders’ travel needs are satisfied and that they are handled in the most convenient manner feasible is the aim as the Gallatin Valley expands.

“We’re always thinking about safety and access, inclusivity, making this community more connected because there is a great distance between the west side of Bozeman and the east side of Bozeman now,” said HRDC transportation director Sunshine Ross. “So, we want to make sure that we’re connecting people in the best way possible so that the community is healthy as a whole.”

Currently, each new stop is identified by a temporary yard sign; however, a permanent sign will shortly take its place. There is now a half-hour service on the Blue Line, Purple Line, and Gold Line in the morning and evening during peak traffic hours.

For the benefit of Gallatin High School students, a large number of whom take the bus service, the Brown Line’s schedule has also been adjusted to depart approximately ten minutes early. In order to accommodate upcoming business and residential developments, the Brown Line has also been extended further west.

In addition, a number of affordable housing developments, Community Health Partners, and Family Promise can now be directly served by the Blue Line.

The winter line, which runs twice daily from Livingston to Bozeman, was also reinstated by Streamline. There’s also a new stop on the commuter line in Belgrade.

A combination of state and federal grants, along with matched monies from community partners, provided funding for this expansion. These modifications are partially due to the addition of four buses to the fleet by Streamline.


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