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Student-athlete from Billings participates in the YMCA National Swimming Championships



Billings, Montana – A swimmer from the Billings YMCA Seahawks Swim Team is competing at the YMCA National Swimming Championships.

“I’m really excited to go,” said Daniel Apostol, a sophomore at Billings Central High School.

Apostol has been swimming for the team since 2014. He will be the only athlete representing the Treasure State in competition.

“He’s a real hard worker, and is real competitive,” said Kristen Wyatt, the Head Coach of the Billings YMCA Seahawks.

“He decided in the middle of a match to break the 50 meter breaststroke because he thought he could, and he did.”

Apostol is a competitor in the 100, 200, and 100 freestyle breaststrokes.

“I really think the YMCA does a lot of good,” said Apostol.

“They make you want to come back. They don’t push you so hard they resent your time working hard and competing. It’s a great experience.

The YMCA National Swimming Championships will take place in Greensboro, North Carolina, from April 3 through April 7.

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