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Teenager from Pompeys Pillar is using social media to campaign for the agricultural business



Yellowstone County, Montana – Since she was a little child, Claire Murnin had the desire to work in the agricultural industry.

“I knew that I wanted to own my own Angus show heifer at the age of two,” Murnin, 16, said on Sunday. “When I was eight, I first got started and since then I’ve continued to grow my cow herd and it’s really given me a lot of the skills that I have today, and it’s made me a lot of who I am.”

Murnin is a young woman who has garnered a great deal of recognition for her profession. She is not only clever but also devoted to her family and works diligently. Her most recent accomplishment was being selected as one of four young people to be highlighted in the 2024 Youth in Ag Spotlights presented by the Billings Chamber of Commerce.

“I try really hard to advocate for the agriculture industry and that’s a big part of who I am. I know that agriculture raised me and so to be highlighted for that was definitely a really great opportunity that I’m very grateful for,” Murnin said.

An Instagram account called 365 Days of Agriculture was established by Murnin at the beginning of the year 2023. The account’s primary objective is to educate users about the agricultural sector.

“Not everybody knows about agriculture and it’s really great for me to be able to teach others about it. It makes my heart really happy to know that people are learning,” she said.

It is now the beginning of the year 2024, and Murnin has opened “part two” of the Instagram account. He intends to post something every day for another year, as he has done previously.

“Agriculture is what feeds us, it clothes us, it helps us with our shelter and it’s so important that we continue to educate youth,” she said. “Because they will really be the future of the agriculture industry.”

Murnin has high hopes that she will continue to leave her impact in the agricultural sector for many years down the road.

“I would love to go study agriculture policy and go fight for farmers and ranchers,” she said.

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