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Teen’s Decade-Long Custom: Bringing happiness and reading to young patients



Billings, Montana – Aiden Fouhy is celebrating his tenth year of spreading happiness to young patients at Saint Vincent Hospital by giving books as a touching tradition.

This tradition is even more amazing because Aiden started this selfless journey when he was eight years old and has carried on with it every year since.

In 2014, Aiden made his first donation of 76 books, which he paid for using the proceeds from his livestock sales and upbringing.

His commitment to this mission has only gotten stronger with time. Aiden has donated over 600 books to hospitalized children this year alone through his non-profit organization, “Kids Book Charity,” increasing his total contributions to almost 2,000 volumes since the start of his charitable endeavor.

Now a senior in high school, Aiden is broadening his horizons by pursuing a career in aviation in addition to nurturing his interest in reading. He is pursuing the acquisition of his private pilot’s certificate in addition to expanding his livestock company.

Reflecting on the impact of his donations, Aiden expresses, “There’s nothing better than when a little kid comes out and grabs a book and they just light up having that book. It gives them a way to connect to their kids or for the kids to kinda go into their own world and have that getaway.”

Aiden has expanded his humanitarian endeavors by founding the Kids Book Charity in addition to the annual book donations.

With the help of Scholastic Books, the organization—which is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit—can buy more books at a reduced price.

Even though Aiden is from Scobey, Montana, which is almost six hours away from Billings, he is still dedicated to improving the lives of children who are in hospitals.

Aiden wants to use his ability of reading to comfort children dealing with illness and to inspire a love of reading outside of hospital confines.




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