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Tester raises $24 million to expand Kagy Boulevard in Bozeman



Bozeman, Montana – Thanks to monies Senator Tester won to rebuild Kagy Boulevard, one of the busiest roadways close to Montana State University’s campus, will soon get an upgrade.

“If infrastructure is going to keep up with the population growth, we need some serious investment,” says Senator Tester.

To rebuild Kagy Boulevard, U.S. Senator Jon Tester successfully negotiated more than $24 million in funds from the Rural Surface Transportation Grant. This money will be used to widen lanes, provide a multi-use route, and enhance safety features.

“Decrease traffic congestion, can allow students to get to MSU much easier, and most importantly on game day is going to allow Bobcat fans to get in and out of the stadium,” says Senator Tester.

Employees along Kagy Boulevard express their excitement for the renovation and hope that it will reduce traffic. Rebuilding Kagy Boulevard from S. 19th Ave. to S. Wilson Ave. will involve the installation of roundabouts, turning lanes, a 10-foot-wide shared-use path, and two traffic lanes divided by medians in each direction.

Senator Tester says, “This is a great project. It’s a project that’s much needed and it’s a project that will allow Bozeman to continue to grow in a responsible way.”

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