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Thanksgiving meals are provided for free to the less fortunate by the Billings restaurant



Billings, Montana – On Thanksgiving, the proprietor of Dickey’s BBQ Pit provided free dinners for the underprivileged from 5 to 8 p.m.

“I wanted people to have a space to come together for a hot meal and enjoy themselves if they don’t have anywhere else to eat,” said Austin Schnizler, the owner of Dickey’s BBQ Pit.

“It’s just about serving where you live. Everyone is equal but a lot of people fall on hard times during the holidays, and we just wanted to be a source of comfort for people.”

The dinner included ham and smoked turkey along with servings of sides that looked like they would be sold on a daily basis.

“I’m proud of my dad,” said Janiyah Schnizler, Austin’s daughter.

Alongside her father and sister Javeyah, Janiyah worked.

They assisted in serving food to patrons of the eatery.

“There’s a lot of people out there that can’t really afford food, and it makes me feel good being able to help serve them and wish them well.”

Schnizler stated that he intends to have the same Thanksgiving ceremony each year.

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