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The Billings Chamber of Commerce is requesting funding for a direct flight to California



Billings, Montana – For a direct route from Billings to either San Francisco or Los Angeles, the Small Community Air Service Development Program Grant (SCASDP Grant) is being requested by the Billings Chamber of Commerce.

“To be able to secure airlines to a new destination is important for the economy,” President and CEO of the Billings Chamber of Commerce John Brewer said, “it’s important for our mobile society. People expect to live in a community that has excellent air service, to get to where they need to be, whether it’s to do business, or to see friends or relatives.”

The neighborhood must raise $750,000 before applying for the award. The money would aid in securing income for the airline operating the route. The Billings Chamber of Commerce reported that they have thus far raised $300,000.

“When we look at where people from Billings are traveling to every year, Los Angelos and San Francisco continually appear in the top 10,” Brewer added. “You know, it rotates here and there. But we have direct service to every other city where people are traveling to from Billings.”

According to Jeff Roach, the City of Billings’ Director of Aviation and Transit, the city received a SCASDP Grant roughly six years ago.

“This grant was used by Billings in 2017 to get air service on American Airlines to Dallas Fort Worth,” Roach said. “It was very successful. American Airlines expanded their service to Phoenix as well.”

Brewer said they will promote travel to Billings in either San Francisco or Los Angeles if the grant proposal is approved. (depending on where the direct flight was planned).

“So, we want people to be aware in Billings that the new service would be available,” Brewer said. “But then, we want to see those people from Los Angeles and San Francisco come here to explore Yellowstone Park, explore Billings. Come here for business and commerce. Or, even consider relocation now that we have that direct service.”

The grant request is due on May 17. At the conclusion of the summer, the application’s results will be made public.

Community members are welcome to submit letters of support for the application, according to Roach and Brewer.

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