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The Billings family welcomes numerous old dogs into their house



Billings, Montana — Pooch’z B&B in the Billings West End offers a safe place for dogs to comfortably live out the rest of their lives and is best described as a retirement home for senior dogs.

Marge and Bill Hall have always had a passion for elderly dogs, so in 2020 they founded the nonprofit organization to provide older dogs in need with a secure and caring environment.

“We just want to give them the best life for whatever years, months, days they have left,” Marge said. “They all live in the house with us. There’s nobody really in kennels, it’s all open. They’re free to come and go, and it’s just a passion for us.”

There are now 17 dogs living at the Halls with Pooch’z B&B. In order to assist with the company and care for the dogs, whose ages range from 9 to 16, Marge’s mother, Sandi Bell, also resides with them.

Their house is situated on two acres of property, and there are several yards for the dogs to play and run in. For further security, each area of the yard has two gates and is enclosed by a six-foot fence.

“They seem to thrive here. They are very scheduled; they get exercise every day. They get good food, and they live in a pack setting. So, they love their family,” Marge said.

As Marge said, it is expensive to care for 17 senior canines. Marge estimated the monthly cost per dog to be at $208 when you factor in the high-quality food, medication, and veterinary care. To cover costs, they accept donations and have sponsors.

“It’s about $125,000 a year to run Pooch’z,” she said.

According to Marge, Pooch’z takes elderly pets in a variety of situations, including those in whom the dog’s owners have passed away or are otherwise unable to care for the pet. They also take abandoned dogs and dogs who cannot be adopted. The dogs receive support and love from Pooch’z up to their very last day.

“We’re there with the dog the whole time. It’s so sad and our hearts just break, but it always makes room for another, as well,” Marge said. “Seniors rock man. I mean it is the best dog to have.”

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