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The Butte Independence Day Parade has chosen “Shoeshine Guy” as its grand marshal



Butte, Montana – Nowadays, it’s difficult to find a good shoeshine in Butte, especially since Stevie “The Shoeshine Guy” Faulkner retired. But because he was chosen as the grand marshal of Butte’s Fourth of July parade, you may see him this Independence Day.

The 74-year-old Stevie already knows that he is revered in Mining City.

“Yeah, I’m a legend, yeah, I’m a legend,” said Stevie.

Knowing Stevie, it’s obvious why the Butte America Foundation made their choice.

“I think it’s about time. He’s an iconic figure here in Butte. He’s known and beloved by everybody. He’s an excellent choice,” said Butte resident Sam DeBree.

Stevie is well known for delivering shoeshine services to whomever he encounters while strolling around Butte with his shoe shine box.

“I think since about nine years old Stevie had been hitting the streets just trying to make a living and he was out shining shoes. He’s just a great guy and the definition of a hard worker,” said parade organizer Matt Boyle.

Stevie, who is thrilled to have been chosen as grand marshal, is getting ready for the parade.

“Yeah, I’m practicing my waving. I did it one year. I was in the parade one year and I was waving to people,” he said.

Stevie had a reputation for traversing the entire town on foot.

“I can remember several times my dad stopping to pick Stevie up and giving him a ride somewhere and, you know, in my later years my brother Kasey and me would be driving around and my brother Kasey would pick him up and give him a ride somewhere,” said Boyle.

On July 4th, Stevie will be driven along Harrison Avenue in front of a large crowd of enthusiasts. The parade starts at the Butte Civic Center at 10 a.m. and travels along Harrison Avenue to the south.

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