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The first ‘House of Color’ in Montana opens in Billings



Billings, Montana – One Billings woman’s purpose is to match people with their ideal color palettes since colors can have a powerful influence on confidence.

“In this warm one it’s like, ‘Oh that’s a nice sweater you are wearing.’ And in that cool it’s like, ‘Genia, look at you, there’s your face, you look so beautiful, and by the way that’s such a great sweater, but you look beautiful’,” says House of Color owner Kaitlyn Bolotas as she compares color drapes on client Genia Castro Waller.

Through a process of draping colors and many comparisons, Bolotas’ clients leave with confidence and a color fan full of their best colors to make shopping for apparel, cosmetics, mascara, jewelry, and nail, and hair color a lot easier.

“The color fan is a game changer,” says Bolotas. “Wearing your best colors is just enhancing that natural beauty.”

“It does make shopping a lot easier. It makes getting ready in the morning easier. I can wear that blazer with that pair of pants and with that bright color. I need a pop of color,” said Castro Waller.

The foundation of a house of color consultation is color theory science.

Although the global brand has been in existence for over 30 years, this is the first store to open in Montana.

“The way we see a color can change based off the colors that are around it, and so your skin is a color and it changes when we put different colors, the different drapes on you,” says Bolotas.

Bolotas selects the most flattering hues in a room with only natural light and the client’s uncluttered face in view. She even considers the ideal tones for Kylie Nelson, a mid-size fashion influencer located in Billings.

“First you are draped so only your eyes and face are visible,” says Nelson in an Instagram reel. “This is so you can determine whether you have a blue or yellow undertone, and we both agreed blue is mine, and that put me in the winter season. Everyone has different colors that flatter them based on undertones and a House of Color session helps you find your best color. These colors are grouped by season: autumn, winter, spring and summer.”

Both Bolotas and Castro Waller are experiencing winter.

“We talk about your best hair color. If you are a blonde and a cool season, then you look best, like Kylie for example, she looks best with that icy blonde kind of ashy hair. Her wow colors are the jewel tones,” says Bolotas.

Castro Waller also looks great in jewel tones; most recently, she wore a pink flannel.

“I have worn that thing so much and I get compliments every day I wear it, multiple compliments,” she said.

One last piece of color advice from Bolotas that may surprise you: Black is only recommended for one season.

“Our winters are the only season that get black mascara, everyone else we recommend brown,” says Bolotas.

You might be surprised to learn that Bolotas only suggests black for one season when giving color advise.

“My son is two and I’m wondering if we can get him a color analysis, hahaha,” says Castro Waller.

Joking aside, Bolotas asserts that investing in oneself throughout one’s life is the gift of knowing one’s colors.


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