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The first of its type in Montana, a salon becomes mobile



Billings, Montana – The first-ever mobile salon in Billings is being operated by hairstylist Koree Nicole, who brings cuts, colors, and styles right to clients’ doorsteps.

Although it has only recently opened, it is already proving to be useful for busy mothers and others who have mobility and transit problems.

“I had a complete hip replacement last week, so I’m one-week post-surgery. I still can’t drive. I can get around on crutches but I definitely can’t walk very far,” says Angela Carter, a client of Nicole’s.

If Carter’s hair business wasn’t parked just outside her front door, traveling about town and getting her hair done would be nearly impossible.

“I popped out the door and I was where I needed to be, which was amazing,” says Carter.

Nicole’s mobile salon, one of the first of its kind in Montana as a result of state law that just made salons on wheels legal, is a 1974 vintage camper that has been converted into a working salon.

“We definitely were not allowed, it just passed. That is when I was like omg, we gotta get this, we got to do this and make it happen,” says Nicole.

Nicole is bringing her dream to life by renovating a vintage camper.

“I’ve always had a huge passion for hair, and makeup since I got my first crimp and curl cabbage patch doll,” says Nicole.

She now has a big list of people who stand to gain from the greatest convenience.

“Of course, it’s amazing that it’s sitting in my driveway,” says Carter.

“New mommas this would be your jam because I can come to you and we can totally give you a little mommy makeover, make you feel good you can have your baby with you. Brides, I can come to you, do hair makeup, the whole shebang. Men’s cuts, kids cuts, I can come to do the whole family,” says Nicole.

Nicole also markets to senior citizens who have trouble getting around.

“To make this dream come true sounds cliche, but it really is so near and dear to me to be able to help others,” says Nicole.

Easy for a true caregiver at heart to deliver convenience one cut and color at a time.

The phone number to call to reach Hair by Koree Mobile Salon is 406-855-7122.

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