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The holiday mood is unaffected by Montana’s bitterly cold winters



Montana – Residents of Billings participated in this year’s Turkey Run despite the wintery conditions. At approximately 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, the event came to an end. Most attendees commented that the 26-degree weather was ideal for outdoor activities.

“This is great. This is perfect running weather. It’s a great time to get out before everybody sits down around the table and enjoys their time together,” said Brett Schneider, a participant dressed with an inflatable turkey in this year’s run and costume contest.

The master of ceremonies for this year, Joey Traywick, claimed that a quick walk outside reduces the chill.

“Y’know, after a while everything kind of goes numb,” said Traywick who was dressed shirtless as Nacho Libre, the namesake for the 2006 film.

Some, like volunteer crossing guard John Lott, expressed their dislike for the cold despite the lack of snow.

“I’m probably gonna go find me a warm drink and probably a warm place to sit for a little bit,” said Lott when asked how he was withstanding the frigidity. He added that he was happy to participate for a good cause.

Lauren Carr was one of the participants; she ran while decked up in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume that her mother had fashioned for her back in junior high. In memory of her friend Kelly Fulton, who started the race and went away last year, she donned the costume.

“My friend Kelly actually wore this in junior high for a prank day … this is my annual thing that I wear in honor of Kelly,” said Carr.

Thanksgiving weather changed, but Red Lodge experienced snow on Thursday nonetheless. The snow, according to the locals, had little effect on the Christmas celebrations.

“When I woke up this morning at 4:00, I was hoping to see a foot of snow outside … It’s a wonderful way to start the holiday season,” said Kevin Kachuck.

While shovelling snow, Red Lodge homeowner Mark Bourassa expressed his opinion that it was still a great day to go for a run outside.

“Montana people get out and do things in all kinds of weather … My partner and I, we went and [ran]. I did the three mile; she did the one and a half and we just had a great time,” said Bourassa.


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