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The Mason Moore Foundation will release their 2023 calendar with a picture of K9 Cuddles



Bozeman, Montana – The Mason Moore Foundation 2023 calendar features the work of thirteen different K9 teams from various parts of the state.

“For our grant process, we’ve received a lot of requests for K9 funding for K9 equipment for their cars and that sort of thing,” Jodi Moore said, “So we thought that would be a good thing to highlight with our calendar.”

You can purchase one of these calendars from the website of the Mason Moore Foundation for the price of $15, and you can also find a list of retailers located all over the state who sell them there. The foundation’s grant program will receive the entirety of the proceeds from this event. Jeff Krogstad is the photographer who took photographs of all of the K9 teams.

The Mason Moore Foundation is an organization that was named after Jodi’s late husband, Mason Moore, who was shot and killed in the line of duty. Over the course of the past three years, the Mason Moore Foundation has been used to fulfill requests for K9 equipment and start-ups.

Jodi currently holds the position of President of the foundation, and she has high hopes for the organization’s future expansion. The applications for grants are evaluated by the law enforcement advisory committee, and the funding is distributed based on their recommendations.

“It’s important because it helps us and the officers in a supportive role, and just knowing that we’re there and supporting them,” Moore said, “And we’re helping them to be as safe as they can be.”

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office’s K9 Cuddles and Deputy Doug Lieurance are featured in the calendar as one of the featured teams.

“Everyone loves dogs—and to see working dogs and what they look like. They’re not all the same looking and the different areas that we have dogs!” Lieurance said.

Lieurance has spent decades working with K9s, and she has observed that each dog possesses a personality that is distinct from the others. But these partners with four legs share some fundamental characteristics in common. “This drive to do work, some have a little bit more some have a little bit less…but they all have enough to say ‘i got to find what I’m looking for, whether it’s the drugs or a bad guy,” Lieurance said.


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