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To construct a new school, the Belgrade School District will appeal for additional funding



Belgrade, Montana – In 2019, the citizens of Belgrade voted in favor of a bond that would, among other things, rehabilitate the middle school and construct two elementary schools. However, because to the fact that the expenses of construction have increased over the past four years, the school board is getting ready to vote on an additional bond to finish the building.

“The amount of money that we built Story Creek for cannot build another school, another elementary school,” explains Public Information Officer Leslie Atkinson.

Atkinson adds that they were able to finish the construction of Story Creek Elementary School with the monies that were available in the past. Additionally, they were able to purchase land that was large enough to accommodate another elementary school and possibly a new middle school.

“The school district has hired A&E Architects to review what options are available for the middle school. So, we will get that full presentation on what their recommendations are,” Atkinson says.

The middle school in Belgrade is the city’s oldest school building at the moment, and according to Atkinson, it may require a great deal of renovation to meet the requirements of today’s educational system.

She explains, “A significant number of parents wanted the fifth graders to go back into the elementary school to align better with what other school districts are doing, as well as be able to provide a better education experience for those students.”

But as architects look into the structural needs of the district, Atkinson says, “The exact amount of money that it will take to make up the difference from what we currently have to what the actual costs are will be determined by what this firm recommends.”

At the meeting that will take place on January 8 at six o’clock in the evening in the board room at Heck Elementary School, the trustees will decide exactly how much they will ask voters to approve.

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