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To reduce wait times, the MVD launches a new online registration and titling system



Bozeman, Montana – A brand new online system for the registration and titling of vehicles is now being implemented by the Motor Vehicle Department of Gallatin County.

Because of this, the process will be streamlined, and the queues will be kept shorter at both branches. According to County Treasurer Maureen Horton, the Department of Motor Vehicles (MVD) has experienced wait times of up to two hours in recent months, therefore minimizing the number of individuals who have to wait is very important.

People who have purchased their vehicle from a new or used car dealer are the only ones who are eligible to register and title their vehicle online. Even though you are making a private transaction, you still need to go to one of the locations and fill out the necessary documentation.

The steps can easily be completed on the website. On the website of the MVD, locate the section labeled “Online Title and Registration Processing” on the right side of the page. From that location, you will be able to check to see if the Motor Vehicle Department has received the necessary papers from your vehicle dealer. In the event that they have, you are free to continue and complete entering your information.

According to Horton, the Motor Vehicle Department will send your license plate and tags via mail as soon as they have finished processing everything on their end.

“We’re trying to speed the process up as much as possible… So, once we know it’s here, you know it’s here, we can go through the one form and be done,” she said.

According to Horton, the supervisor at the MVD played a crucial role in establishing this system.

If there are problems or inconsistencies with the information that you filled out online, the MVD will contact you and ask you to come into the office so that they may assist you in rectifying the situation.

The key reason for the lengthy queues is the staffing situation. When there are fewer staff processing paperwork, customers have to wait significantly longer before it is their turn. The service hours at both locations have been cut back in order to give employees more time to catch up on paperwork.

In the coming weeks, a kiosk will also be erected in the lobby area. This will allow you to check to see if your vehicle dealer documentation was received before you get in line, in the event that you are already downtown or at the courtroom.



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