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Travel specialists in Billings provide advice on how to receive reimbursed for canceled flights



Billings, Montana – Compared to the usual holiday bustle, the Billings-Logan International Airport was a deserted wasteland on day two of 2024, with numerous travelers reporting no delays this year or last.

Some customers expressed amazement at the lack of troubles following a year of exceptionally busy flying during the holidays in 2022—the majority of which were due to technological difficulties on Southwest Airlines’ end.

“I do kind of remember there were tons of cancellations around this time (in 2022),” said Jonathan Cox, a traveler at the Billings airport.

Travel experts stated that although there are certain issues, the current holiday travel conditions are a significant improvement over those of 2022.

“The airlines are still struggling with pilot shortages. They’re reassigning aircrafts here and there based on needs,” said Billie Ruff, the president and CEO of Travel Cafe, a Billings-based travel agency.

The following resources are available to help passengers who are requesting reimbursement from airlines for canceled or delayed flights:

• The Passenger Bill of Rights
• The Department of Transportation Complaint Form
• The Better Business Bureau Complaint Form
• Small Claims Court Filings

These resources are not always guaranteed to produce the intended outcome and frequently entail laborious and drawn-out procedures. Alternative approaches to communication are frequently quicker and easier.

“The best way to get a response from a customer service issue is to post something on social media,” said Ruff.

Experts urge travelers to make their travel plans early in the day if they plan to book a trip in the future to prevent lengthy delays and cancellations.

“I also recommend not ever taking the last flight of the day. If you’re canceled, you’re not gonna get on a flight that same day and you’re paying for a hotel or sleeping in an airport,” said Ruff.


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