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Two accused in connection with the shooting death of a man and his infant son



Billings, Montana – A man and his baby son were killed in a shooting on November 1st, and two people have been identified as suspects: a 30-year-old lady and a 19-year-old guy.

Charging documents state that Jane Knowshisgun is accused of two felonies related to intentional killing by accountability. Two felonies of intentional killing and one offense of tampering with evidence are brought against Myron Goesahead.

The days preceding the shooting are when the allegations regarding the fatal occurrence start. According to the charging documents, Knowshisgun and Goesahead were two of the four individuals who allegedly entered Scheels on October 31st, grabbed ammunition from the store, and left the area. While the others banded together to steal various kinds of ammunition, Knowshisgun purchased the ammunition.

According to surveillance footage, the group is seen entering the business in a pickup truck driven by Goesahead that was reported stolen on October 9th. The license plate on the truck belonged to Montana, which had been reported stolen on October 18th of the same month.

The next section of the charging documents deals with November 1st, when police were called concerning a firearms complaint near North 17th Street. Officers discovered multiple shell casings on the street as well as multiple bullet holes in a house’s exterior, window, and front door when they arrived.

One of the responding policemen was approached by a witness who produced security tape from her house that captured the incident as it happened. According to the documents, the footage displayed an individual getting out of the identical pickup truck that was purportedly spotted at Scheels the previous day. After the person exits the vehicle, the gunfire starts and lasts for less than a minute. The pickup then left the area.

According to reports, another witness informed authorities that she had seen the suspects in the same pickup earlier in the morning and thought they were the ones who had opened fire. Three days before to the murder, the witness reportedly informed the police that Goesahead had shot Kenneth Morrison in the wrist. Goesahead was a suspect in that case, according to BPD Detectives, who also corroborated the occurrence and the inquiry.

The charging filings then state that the pickup was spotted in the alley of a South 28th Street home just minutes after the incident. Three individuals were seen entering a nearby residence after stepping out of the truck in surveillance footage. Billings SWAT arrived shortly after, cordoned off the house, and took custody of the pilfered truck.

Kenneth Morrison was discovered by authorities at the North 17th Street murder scene with a gunshot wound to his torso. After being taken to a hospital, he was later declared deceased. Tatee’ks Morrison, his son, was discovered beneath him and subsequently declared deceased.

There were 37 bullet flaws total from bullets or bullet fragments fired at the residence, according to the charging paperwork. Upon executing a search warrant on the pickup and the residence where the suspects were discovered to be hiding, numerous gunshot casings, ammo packing trays, and weapons were discovered. Two of the guns that were discovered during the search, according to the records, had previously been reported as lost property. Additionally, the investigators discovered DNA and fingerprint evidence on a few of the firearms that linked them to the accused.

According to the records, the lady who lived there informed the police that she had no idea what was happening but that two of the other suspects had each given her a revolver and asked her to hide them. She claimed that neither she nor anybody else asked them why the guns had to be hidden.

The criminal documents also state that one of the suspects’ cell phone data was recovered, revealing discussions on Snapchat that were started less than an hour after the incident and requested an alert be sent out if police arrived at a residence.

In the charge records, there are two more suspects: Godfrey Brokenrope, age 18, and Andale Good Soldier, age 18. These two people are not currently the subject of any charges.

As of this writing, Myron GoesAhead and Jane Knowshisgun are being held at the Yellowstone County Detention Facility. The other two suspects listed are not under arrest.


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