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Two days following a rollover collision in Rosebud County, a person dies



Rosebud County, Montana – Two days after being engaged in a rollover collision close to Forsyth on December 22, a 77-year-old man passed away.

The driver was traveling at a leisurely pace on Highway 12 when they entered two distinct speed-reduction zones and neglected to slow down, as reported by the Montana Highway Patrol. The motorist went over an I-94 bridge deck and then a cattle guard.

The route turned to gravel on private property once the motorist passed the cow guard. According to MHP, the driver did not slow down at all.

The driver, according to MHP, crashed head-on into a cobblestone structure. After being transported to St. Vincent Hospital, the driver passed away from their injuries two days later.

The motorist was not using a seatbelt at the time of the collision, according to the crash report.





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