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University of Montana research grants top $126M



Missoula, Montana – The University of Montana reported on Monday that spending on research grants has increased by more than twice over the last ten years, hitting $126 million this autumn, an increase of $4 million from the previous year.

By comparison, the $55 million recorded in 2014 has increased by 129%.

The University of Michigan received the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education’s R1 research rating thanks in large part to Scott Whittenburg, vice president for research and creative scholarship.

With this accomplishment, UM now ranks among the nation’s less than 4% of degree-granting institutions that have attained such a designation.

For research growth during 2014, UM is ranked No. 9.

“Our trajectory looks strong – poised for another record,” Whittenburg said. “We expect this trend to continue for the next several years as our research awards continue to reach new heights.”

According to Whittenburg, UM got 18% more additional external financing in the first half of this fiscal year than it did in the same period last year.

Currently, there have been $99 million in awards given out, up from $84 million at this time last year.

According to him, there were still about 260 research projects submitted in the first six months.

However, the number of outside funds requested increased this year from $123 million to $151 million.

“In addition to the added prestige of being an R1 university, the designation also helps in the recruitment of students – both undergraduate and graduate – and new faculty,” Whittenburg said. “Many students will only consider R1 universities when looking at where to apply in much the same way that they only consider D1 athletic schools.

Only two of the 146 R1 research universities in the nation—UM and the University of Oregon—were able to do so without simultaneously having an engineering or medical school.

Whittenburg asserted that the University’s R1 accreditation should keep advancing UM and its research enterprise.

“I also meet with many of the faculty candidates during the recruitment process, and they have all mentioned our achievement of R1 status as a major factor in their decision as to where they would like to continue their career,” Whittenburg said.


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