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Vaccination for kids up to 11 years recommended by Billings doctor



Vaccination for kids up to 11 years recommended by Billings doctor

Billings, Montana – Pfizer is requesting that the federal government approve its COVID-19 vaccination for children aged five to eleven years old, as Covid-19 cases among youngsters continue to grow.

“One of the ways that we’re going to have less of this COVID spreading around is to get more individuals vaccinated. And so to open that up at that age really should help,” Dr. Susan Petersen said, St. Vincent Healthcare family medicine medical director.

The vaccination should be given to youngsters aged five to eleven, according to Petersen.

“There’s rare cases where you wouldn’t recommend that a child could get the vaccine,” said Petersen.

And the dosage will be reduced.

“It’ll be a third size of the adult doses. They would also do a two-shot series and it’d be about 21 days or more apart from the first to the second,” Petersen said.

Parents at Broadwater Elementary School talked about their plans if Pfizer gets the approval.

“Just trying to be patient and wait, but I’m excited and I’m hopeful and personally I don’t have hesitancy about a vaccine,” Rebecca Noell said.

“Me and my husband are definitely pro vaccine. I think it’s very important. For our children though, honestly we’re undecided. It’s really a hard topic,” said Sarah Smith.

Some parents are worried about the possible negative consequences.

“I’m a bit hesitant. Most of my friends and family have the vaccine. And that’s great. I think that’s fine. But I’m just not too sure about children yet,” said Mikinzie Fraser.

“I don’t know why they need to have it. He’s five years old. I think he’s had (COVID) and he’s perfectly fine without the vaccine,” said Caleb Nichols

“If you do have questions as a parent whether your child should get the vaccine, talk to your child’s provider about that. And that way you can review personal concerns and get a comfort level with it,” said Petersen.

Pfizer and Moderna are also studying infants as young as six months old, with results expected later this year.

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