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Volunteers donate blood after Texas shooting incident



As a response to the tragic incident that took place at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, volunteers have offered to donate blood.

Wednesday was the day of the Uvalde blood drive, and South Texas Blood & Tissue reported that there were huge lineups.

“We have seen tremendous support for the Uvalde community with 600 donors coming in to donate blood. We want to thank you all so much. Your generosity gives us all hope after tragedies like this,” South Texas Blood & Tissue said.

The blood bank reported that it was able to transport 15 units of blood to the school right afterwards. The hospital in Uvalde received an additional 10 units on Tuesday afternoon.

A supply that is already running low will get a boost from the donations that are received today and in the near future.

According to South Texas Blood & Tissue, “Blood supplies are at historically low levels as we begin the summer travel season, our slowest time for blood donations. We also encourage you to schedule your donation when appointments are available next week and to continue donating throughout to year.”

Tuesday’s shooting killed 21 people and hurt 17 others.

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