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Water restriction to take place in Billings on August 2



Billings, Montana – The City of Billings has issued a water restriction. It prohibits watering lawns in Billings and will go into place on August 2.

The water restriction refers to anyone who uses the water supply of the city to water their lawn, all businesses and residents and will stay in place until September 16.

“It comes as no surprise that people want to make their lawns green, their landscapes green during this hot summer, we completely understand that, but it’s putting a lot of stress on our system. We’re pushing it to 90-95% capacity and we’re doing that day in and day out,” the City of Billings water quality superintendent, Louis Engels said.

The decision for water restriction was made due to two reasons, to give the water system of the city a break and to give time to reservoirs to refill.

In order to ensure people are complying the restriction, the city will monitor water usage.

People who water their lawns with well water or an irrigation ditch are exempt to the restriction.

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