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Wednesday saw a temporary grounding of flights at Billings Logan International Airport after numerous people spotted an obtrusive object in the sky



Billings, Montana – A unidentified object was seen in the sky on Wednesday, and Billings Logan International Airport was closed for almost two hours at the same time.

Several people reported seeing something floating in the sky apart from the moon in social media posts. Reed Point, Billings, and even Hobson all reported seeing them. Others claimed to have seen military aircraft flying nearby, maybe observing the unknown flying object.

Two aircraft to the Billings Logan International Airport were diverted, and one flight had its takeoff delayed due to the closed airspace, according to Shane Ketterling, director of aviation at Billings Logan. The rerouted flights eventually made it to the airport.

He claims that the Salt Lake City FAA tower ordered BIL to shut down, resulting in the closure of 50 square miles of airspace above the Livingston region, which had an effect on Bozeman, Helena, and Billings.

The floating object’s role in the closure, according to Ketterling, is something he “neither confirms nor denies.”

He continued by saying that there’s a big chance we won’t ever learn the real reason for the shutdown because orders like these often come from the highest level of the FAA or the military without explanation.

We are still investigating what the flying item was and whether or not it was the cause of the airspace closure.

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