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West Side Story performed in Billings



Billings, Montana – Musical and film fans enjoyed a show this weekend in Billings.

On Friday night, the symphonic version of West Side Story was performed by the Billings Symphony at Faith Chapel.

The musical was first released in 1957 on Broadway. Also, a film version of the musical was made in 1961.

The Billings Symphony had the show scheduled for March last year.

“Especially when things are more stopped on the East Coast. We, as you know, Billings Symphony, we try to provide opportunity to all this talent that needs to perform somewhere. And we have seen throughout the year that they were willing to come here to perform with us. We have excellent Broadway actors. Some of them actually came last month to perform ‘Guys and Dolls.’ It’s such a great talented group of singers and musicians, and we are very lucky to have this performance. Think about this. This is the only orchestra in the county that has performed ‘West Side Story’ during the pandemic, so it’s a big deal for us,” said Ignacio Barron Viela, executive director for the symphony.

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