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West Yellowstone votes will include a repeal of the marijuana ban



West Yellowstone, Montana – West Yellowstone locals have the option to lift their marijuana prohibition. The residents of West Yellowstone decided to outlaw marijuana sales in their community last year.

Jerry Johnson, a former West Yellowstone mayor, thinks the wording on the ballot last year was unclear. He launched a petition to get the ban lifted and placed on the ballot for the next election.

Johnson thinks that marijuana sales in West Yellowstone have a lot of advantages, such as a significant positive economic impact and a decrease in illicit sales.

Proponents of removing the ban, such as Greg Forsythe, argue that marijuana has greater detrimental effects on West Yellowstone.

“They’re full-time, year-round jobs,” says Johnson. “And we are a resort community that doesn’t have many full-time jobs. Folks that have the medical marijuana cards need it for medical purposes, they’ll no longer have to drive.”

“How many more shops do we need? We got two shops outside of town right now, and I think we’re a tourist town, and the influx of that interest on our tourists does not really give the town a respectable image,” says Greg Forsythe.

Voting ends on Tuesday.



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