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White Sulphur Springs’s Spa Hot Springs Motel



White Sulphur Springs, Montana – During the winter, White Sulfur Springs’ Spa Hot Springs Motel is the ideal place to spend time with family or on your own.

“We have the hot springs, and, you know, it’s a good outdoor activity. Lots of people all over the state come here to just soak,” noted owner Annie Gudmundson.

The historic hot springs offer stunning views of the mountains and a rustic charm that makes it possible to completely unwind away from the tourists.

“I fell in love with the hot springs. My story is that I’m a chiropractor. I was looking for a place to set up a practice in Montana, and I went through White Sulfur Springs, stayed in the hot springs here in the motel,” Gene Gudmundson said.

After more than 36 years as the motel’s owner, Gene revealed that they often start each day with a dip in the natural springs.

“Our hot springs is more on the therapeutic side. And the good thing with our facilities, we do drain our pools every single night. We don’t add any chemicals. We’re open from seven in the morning until 10 p.m.,” Annie noted.

The Spa Hot Springs Motel lets you experience all that Montana has to offer because it’s only 30 miles from Showdown Montana.

“It’s a beautiful place to go ski and combine it with the hot springs here for a truly Montana experience. It is unique. Go out and ski and play in the snow in the daytime. In the evening you come back and soak in hot springs,” said Gene.

In the winter, Spa Hot Springs Motel is the ideal place to go out and enjoy some quality downtime because of its beautiful surroundings and kind, inviting neighborhood.



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