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With a $23 million investment, Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport modernized its baggage system and added a new market



Bozeman, Montana – Two new developments at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport were recently completed. It is claimed that the airport’s new bagging system and market will increase customer happiness and efficiency.

According to airport CEO Brian Sprenger, increased traveler traffic drove the initiatives.

“Overall, the project cost was about $23 million, and we’re very happy to have it complete and ready for winter,” Sprenger says.

“When we saw the lines for food and beverage it became really evident that that was where the solution was needed and so that’s why we focused on the market in that space,” he adds. “And we’ve grown substantially. We were handling about 300,000 departing passengers, now we’re handling over 1.2 million. And of course, with every one of those passengers, there’s also more than likely baggage.”

Being the most intricate and sophisticated computerized overhaul in the history of the airport, the new baggage system is highly advanced.

Sprenger says, “This new system, we can divert bags over to other explosive detection machines. We can divert it to different locations for baggage delivery for the airlines. So, we have a lot of capabilities that we didn’t have before”.

Bozeman’s new baggage system is similar to Denver and Salt Lake City’s, despite working on a smaller scale.

“On average, we handle about four to six thousand passengers per day, but we can actually see closer to 10,000 bags on a peak day in the summer,” Sprenger says. “So this new system is going to be able to handle that in a much more efficient and much more thorough way and very conducive for the airline operations as well as TSA”.

Just in time for the holidays, the market and luggage system are operational.

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