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Year-end sales continue to keep downtown Bozeman shops bustling even after Christmas



Bozeman, Montana – Since 1992, The Great Rocky Mountain Toy Company has been a mainstay in Bozeman. Like many small businesses, they consider this year’s revenues and why this final week is so crucial as the year comes to a finish.

Tuesday, when Weston Monforton was a young child, he revealed with us his favorite toys to peruse.

“I usually like to look at the Legos and what kind of stuff they have,” says Monforton, “Up to date and fun things to play with.”

The toy company’s manager, Ryan Cassavaugh, says sales this year have been fantastic as the year comes to a close.

“This year has been incredible,” says Cassavaugh. “Yeah, we did better than last Christmas. I think even our summer was really good.”

Cassavaugh ensures that although if inflation is having a negative impact on many businesses this year, it isn’t having a significant impact on the toy store, and they do have some space in the rear for sale items.

“Everything has gone up,” says Cassavaugh. “Most of our stuff has gone up, but for the most part, you know, no because it’s gone up across the board.”

According to Cassavaugh, they outperformed Christmas sales from the previous year, and they expect sales to soar this week.

“After Christmas, we get a lot of people who are in town visiting for Christmas, now they have gift cards or they have the grandkids or they’re here to see people, so a lot of that,” says Cassavaugh.

He claims that this week will be very helpful in getting ready for a slower season.

“Things kind of do slow down. You know, once we get into the less tourism side we’ll still stay busy but not nearly as busy so kind of finishing up the year this way is really helpful,” says Cassavaugh.

Monforton couldn’t agree more with Cassavaugh’s assertion that Legos are the item that the toy store sells the most of as it gains popularity.

“Star Wars Lego set. Why I like it is because I just like Star Wars,” says Monforton.


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