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ZooMontana’s Pabu the Red Panda makes Super Bowl pick



Billings, Montana – Pabu the Red Panda gave his final Super Bowl prediction on Wednesday at ZooMontana.

It took Pabu a while to come out of his burrow, but as soon as he did, he rushed straight for the bamboo in the 49ers paper bag.

After giving the Kansas City Chiefs a quick look, he returned to the 49ers and said San Francisco will defeat Kansas City.

“So this year, Pabu was pretty excited to go right for the 49ers. He saw some of that hate last year on social media when he was wrong, didn’t want to be wrong this year,” said Jeff Ewelt, the executive director of ZooMontana, on Wednesday. “But, I want to put out there, that if he is wrong, he told me exclusively, that he doesn’t want to do it next year. So we’ve got a couple volunteer animals that are ready to rock and roll. They raised their paws, ready to go. So we’ll see what happens. But next year might be a little different.”

He made a poor prediction in 2023 when he picked the Eagles to defeat the Chiefs, therefore this is his second and final year making predictions for the zoo.

“I was a little nervous going in, but the game looks really good. But now I’m confident,” said Justin Hutchinson, a 49ers fan, on Wednesday. “Pabu picked it. Go Niners all the way! I’m excited.”

It’s a custom that goes back over ten years. The forecasts were first made by Ozzy the Grizzly Bear, and later by Ahmari the Wolverine.

Pabu received his shot in 2023 and once more this year, but a new volunteer will be chosen for the next year.

This year, Pabu defied the Chiefs once more. Will he make the right decision?


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