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Leona Mills


Leona Mills is a Billings-based writer, editor and consultant. She holds a master's degree from Columbia University and a bachelor's degree from Montana State University. Leona loves to spend every single minute with her dog Archie.

Stories By Leona Mills


Montana9 hours ago

Tester raises $24 million to expand Kagy Boulevard in Bozeman

Bozeman, Montana – Thanks to monies Senator Tester won to rebuild Kagy Boulevard, one of the busiest roadways close to...

Local News10 hours ago

Woman charged after driving through religious group

Billings, Montana – After driving at and into a religious gathering on Saturday afternoon, a lady has been charged with...

Local News11 hours ago

Movement for food sovereignty grows as bison make a comeback to Indigenous communities

Bozeman, Montana – On the Montana State University campus, ancient life is reviving behind the American Indian Hall. Black-and-yellow sunflowers...

Local News12 hours ago

Students at MSU Billings’ City College utilize their vehicle painting abilities to support Special K Ranch

Billings, Montana – When Special K Ranch got its repainted van back on Friday, it was a memorable night. The...

Local News13 hours ago

After being forced to move, the family-run ice cream shop in Laurel faces an uncertain future

Billings, Montana – Town Pump is driving a family-owned Laurel company out of its location. For the first seventeen years...

Local News2 days ago

Educators who teach Indigenous languages in Billings come together to exchange teaching strategies for upcoming generations

Billings, Montana – At Montana State University (MSU), Billings, the third annual Inter-Tribal Language Summit has brought together indigenous language...

Local News2 days ago

“Not In Our Town” campaign celebrates 30 years

Billings, Montana – People throughout the world were inspired when the people of Billings united to fight hate in their...

Local News2 days ago

Public access to Skyline Trail begins officially

Billings, Montana – After months of preparation, the enchanted city celebrated the Skyline Trail’s official opening on December 7. However,...

Local News2 days ago

Montana’s connections to the Attack on Pearl Harbor

Helena, Montana – The 82nd anniversary of the attack on American forces at Pearl Harbor is Thursday, December 7, 2023....

Montana3 days ago

Gianforte’s late veto produced an unclear situation; the court is hearing arguments

Helena, Montana – A court in Helena heard testimony on Thursday while he considers a case that aims to resolve...