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Billings streets receive assistance from Wander Woman



Billings, Montana – Looking for people who would benefit from a hot supper, one woman wanders the streets of Billings.

But she also sets up shop in the middle of downtown twice a month so that those in need can come to her. She does this in addition to feeding those in need.

Shay Reiser, otherwise known as the Wander Woman, says something she strongly believes is, “something people should never be without is food. I hear a lot of people saying like someone doesn’t deserve this or shouldn’t have that because of whatever their circumstance or situation, but everybody should eat. Always.”

Shay goes on to say, “and that’s something that I’m able to do, and that’s a way that I can help and contribute. And something that I actually really enjoy doing.”

Shay Reiser created the Wander Woman by fusing her love of food and her empathy for others. Committed to providing whenever and wherever feasible assistance to the Billings community.

She also distributes clothing, blankets, ready-made hygiene kits, and snacks to anyone who requests and needs them in addition to hot meals.

The Wander Woman is not acting alone in her humanitarian mission.

The town has heard about her efforts, and this has motivated others to contribute to the food and supplies Shay donates to the neighborhood. The Wander Woman is an independent business that is not supported by donations. So, Shay purchases a large portion of the things she donates out of her own wallet. Yet, she claims that the relationships she has formed while traveling as the Wander Woman make everything worthwhile.

Shay says that she thinks, “love and empathy is the biggest lesson for anybody. Instead of immediately judging somebody else, trying to understand where they are coming from or what they are dealing with or what they are going through. And doing whatever you can do to help them. Even if it’s really small because those are the things that make the biggest impact. And they grow.”

Shay’s tale is developing, too. She tells me she paired two women together in Helena, who are expanding the work the Wander Woman has started in Billings to the state capitol and hopefully beyond.

There are several ways you may contribute to Shay’s cause, but the simplest method is to join her Facebook group Wander Woman Monthly Meals and Mobile Closet.

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