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Billings takes 1st place in real estate market in the country



Billings, Montana – If you reside in the Magic City, you are surely aware of how beautiful it is to call it home. People from all across the country are taking note because according to the Wall Street Journal, Billings has been named the country’s best real estate market.

We know why it’s so nice to be here, but Chantilly Hook, a real estate broker with Wilson and Wilson, thinks the pandemic is partly to blame for Billings’ growth.

She claims that people of larger cities, particularly in California, have gone to smaller rural communities to get away from the more populated places.

It is now a seller’s market, with several bidding battles taking place, according to Hook.

She advises that if you want to buy a house, you need be patient. She also shares some tips for people who are trying to sell their house right now.

“Put it on the market, have your agent do a competitive market analysis see where it sits and just sit back and collect all the offers and pick what ever one suits you best,” said Hook.