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Businesses expect the 2023 Montana legislative session to be more productive



Helena, Montana – Businesses like the Silver Star Steak Company in Helena will be prepared to welcome back lawmakers when they are sworn in on January 2, 2023, to begin the 68th session.

“We’re just hoping to continue that the next few months but yeah, I think we’re ready,” said Silver Star Steak general manager Cyndi Krings.

According to Krings, the restaurant had a successful December and is looking forward to the extra revenue that will come from politicians returning to the Capital City.

More people than simply the 50 senators and 100 members of the Montana House attend legislative sessions in Helena.

A lot of people will require a place to eat or stay while in town because there will be more legislative employees, lobbyists, and Montanans from all over the state here to argue for and against the measure.

According to Krings, there has already been an uptick in bookings and reservations.

“Got a ton of lunch-in’s going on based on what’s going on up at the Capitol. So yeah, it’s been we can see it coming already. And so then that and actually even just with their preparations, that boosts our business,” said Krings.

The next meeting will also mark a return to regular programming. The use of COVID-19 protocols in 2021 allowed for widespread distant participation. Although the same remote technology will be used this year, Krings says Helena has been prepared to entertain a far larger number of guests.

“We’re just really excited that it’s going to be happening and that it won’t cause January, February, and March are our slowest months. So this year we’re looking forward to not having those slow months,” said Krings.

The duration of the legislative session and the ensuing business boom is typically four months.

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