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Christmas in Magic City arrives early



Billings, Montana – Christmas came to the Magic City six months early to spread cheer unseasonably and raise awareness for one neighborhood group.

A nonprofit organization called Angel Horses provides what they refer to as comfort-compassion therapy. This gives anyone who might need it an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and the company of others, as well as offering the on-site, rescued horses and donkeys the pleasure of touch and kind attention.

The location serves as a venue for many events, including weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, and everything in between.

The company’s creator, Jonnie Jonckowski, has been running Angel Horses for 25 years, and during that time, she has gained some rather well-known acquaintances.

who contributed to the success of Christmas in July.

When it came to the out-of-season celebration, according to Jonckowski, they “never really thought anything of it and all of a sudden Santa volunteered to come and help us, you said ‘you know I am not usually doing anything in July it is kind of slow and I would love to help you guys raise some money.'” Santa then came and helped the group raise money. I will thus be there.

She continued by saying that the occasion is unique because Santa “does not wear his red suit!”

Santa claims, however, that this is because he is “not working.” When you are not working, do you wear your uniform?

More than just Santa Claus pictures were available during the summer snowless extravaganza.

And even though you might need to wait a few more months for further Christmas celebrations, Angel Horses hosts events all year long that are meant to help the neighborhood and the horses that live here.

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