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Family at Bigfork bakery attacked with bear spray by illegal camper



Bigfork, Montana – In Bigfork, Montana, a family-run bakery claims they were attacked by a guy using bear spray after they warned him not to set up camp on their front yard.

The mother-daughter team of Jana & Sadie Lou Felt stated on their Lake Baked company website that they had always wanted to open a bakery. “Sadie discovered her love of baking and cooking in Culinary classes at Bigfork High School,” the company’s website reads. “When the property that once housed the beloved Brookie’s Cookies in Bigfork became available, Jana & Sadie knew this was their chance.”

From the LakeBakedMT Instagram page:
“Bear Spray! So this just happened. A guy in a pickup with a trailer parked overnight on our lawn. I told him we weren’t a campground and that he was parked on our underground sprinklers and to please move.
I went back into my bakery and he sprayed Bear Spray into our kitchen window. He got all 3 of us, our daughter, Sadie, my husband, and me. Unbelievable!
Our eyes and throats are burning. We’re still baking!”

A few hours after the bear spray attack, the bakery added a note of gratitude to the community:
“Thank you all! Truly, any pain and suffering this guy inflicted has been healed by the outpouring of support from our friends, family, customers, other local businesses, and festival vendors!
We are all okay and had a great day at the bakery with Kevin VanDort. Thank you again for your kind words and concern. We love this community.”

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