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Fluctuations in temperature that occur suddenly enhance the risk of floods



Billings, Montana – Ice jams are a yearly occurrence throughout the Treasure State, but they represent a serious threat every spring to the communities that are situated along the rivers.

According to Stillwater County Emergency Services Chief David Stamey, preparations have been made to deal with probable floods this weekend and into the following week.

“We have already started our planning process for the expectation of we’re going to see ice jams. On our main website, we have added a banner at the very top where you can go and get the most current flooding information. We also have a reporting mechanism. So, if they see anything, they can just log onto the website, fill up that information and it comes back to myself,” explained Stamey.

He added that with the unpredictable weather this spring, having situational awareness is essential.

“We have seen ice jams just a couple of months ago locally in Fishtail and Stillwater County. The best tip that I could give is to maintain some good situational awareness. When we know, we are going to have warmer temperatures, expect higher water levels or potential localized flooding. So, just be aware of those low-lying areas, be vigilant and know there are dangers with rising water and potential ice jams,” emphasized Stamey.

Anyone who encounters potential growing ice jam issues is encouraged to report them on the website of the Stillwater County Department of Emergency Services.

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