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Following crash in Great Falls, Bounty hunter arrested



Great Falls, Montana – New information on a collision that occurred on Thursday has been released by the Great Falls Police Department.

A Ford Explorer and a Honda Accord were involved in an accident that occurred at around 2:30 pm close to the intersection of Eighth Avenue North and Ninth Street.

Witnesses started calling 911 dispatchers to report that two people were standing outside the cars and pointing firearms at someone.

Police officers arrived to find bounty hunters from A To Z Fugitive Recovery at the area who had reportedly detained a person, according to Captain John Schaffer, the GFPD’s Patrol Services Chief.

Schaffer did not go into detail, but officers found that the bounty seekers had engaged in “many” criminal acts.

The name of the culprit has not yet been made public; one of the bounty hunters was detained and taken to the Cascade County Detention Center.

Unknown what kind of injuries one individual sustained before being transported away in an ambulance.

Captain Schaffer added that someone misidentified the bounty hunters as undercover Great Falls police officers in a Facebook video of the event.

The person’s Facebook post stated: “He’s complying and still gets tasered as they talk shit. What happened to protect and serve? What about some courtesy. How do they expect anyone to respect them when they act like this.”

The person later posted an update: “So I was contacted and it was stated that these are bail bondsmen.”

Captain Schaffer said it is reckless and dangerous to mistake someone for a police officer.

The cause of the crash and any other information have not been disclosed.

We will update you if we get more information.