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For many, Montana’s winter weather causes travel delays



Billings, Montana – During the weekend, Billings’ winter weather created travel delays for some, and for Sherry Brester-Cole, it might have meant missing a significant occasion.

“My mom and I are trying to get up to Sidney to see my daughter,” Brester-Cole said on Saturday. “(She’s at) the state speech tournament. It’s her senior year, so we’re hoping to make it up to see her.”

Brester-Cole flew with her mother, who resides in Billings, to Billings-Logan International Airport after traveling there from Deer Lodge (BIL). Her daughter is presently in Sidney taking part in the speech portion of the Montana Class A State Tournament.

Brester-Cole, however, said that the weather was causing a delay in their plans.

“They just kept sending emails delaying (our flight). But once we got here they said it was probably going to be canceled,” Brester-Cole said. “I wish they said it before we came up here. But they said the headquarters just keep delaying it.”

Today at BIL, a number of flights had delayed arrival and departure timings as a result of the weather. On Saturday, three flights from Billings were canceled.

Brester-Cole feared that their flight might ultimately be canceled, which would cause them to miss the conclusion of the competition.

“It’s her senior year. (We’re) hoping to make it up to see her,” Brester-Cole said. “Especially my mom, she’s 83 years old.”

Brester-Cole stated that this meant a lot to her mother because she had never seen her daughter compete before.

“I’m feeling sad,” Brester-Cole said.

Travelers encountered similar challenges throughout the state.

Some people in Billings claimed that the weather was affecting travel times.

Brandon Alden admitted that he had some difficulties on his Saturday workout trip to the Billings YMCA.

“I got stuck twice on my way here just trying to work out,” Alden said on Saturday. “We were sliding around pretty bad.”

Alden claimed he was nevertheless having a fantastic day. “I’m in a good mood,” Alden said. “The snow always makes me happy.”

He still made it to the gym, so maybe other tourists will arrive at their goal, like Sherry Brester-Cole. “The flight’s delayed to 1:16, the finals are at 4. So if it goes, we’ll have time to get there,” Brester-Cole said. “But they’re not very optimistic over at the desk.”


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