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Lake Elmo in Billings gets its first boat washing station



Billings, Montana – In order to prevent invasive aquatic species from entering the waters of Montana, a new boat cleaning facility has been installed at Lake Elmo State Park.

Despite the fact that there are other similar units all around Minnesota, where the one at Lake Elmo originated, the C-D3 cleaning station is the first of its kind in Montana.

Wildlife authorities in Montana hope that the simple-to-use washing station will be put to good use by those who enjoy water sports at Lake Elmo, which was funded with assistance from the Yellowstone Conservation District.

The Lake Elmo boat ramp will host the cleaning station. Park officials intend to move the mobile unit during off-peak hours to prevent vandalism.

If boaters intend to use their craft in another body of water in Montana, officials said they will still need to stop at state boat check stations.

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