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Millions of dollars will be raised from the opioid settlement for prevention and treatment



Billings, Montana – Millions of dollars from a federal settlement with distributors of opioids are anticipated to arrive shortly in the state.

The money will be used for prevention, treatment services, and other initiatives to fight the opioid epidemic.

The $26 billion federal settlement with manufacturer Johnson & Johnson and other medication distributors will be overseen by a 10-member board.

The estimated $80 million that the state and local governments will receive over the following 18 years will be spent under the board’s supervision.

Larger counties will nominate three people to the board, while groups of smaller, more rural counties will nominate two people.

Austin Knudsen, Montana’s attorney general, and Charlie Brereton, the head of the state health department, will choose the candidates for the final five seats.

When the initial compensation payments will be made is unknown.