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MSU Billings announces youth summer camps



Billings, Montana —The middle school and elementary summer camps at Montana State University Billings will focus on cybersecurity and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Two cybersecurity camps for middle school students will be held at City College. A weeklong half-day camp will introduce students to the field of cybersecurity from June 26 to 30. Linux distribution, Python programming, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and device control via the Internet/cloud software are some of the topics covered. Learning how to recognize, investigate, and protect against cyberattacks will be a key component of the camp.

On July 10–12, a Level II cyber camp will be held. Students will have the chance to put the skills they learned in the cybersecurity introduction course into practice during the course of the three-day event. Linux, Python programming, and cybersecurity are discussed, as well as how to integrate these topics into a secure online environment. Students will learn about typical cyberattacks and use coding and camp tools to apply the proper measures to identify, thwart, and defend against upcoming assaults. The tools used in the session will all be available on an external drive so that students can continue learning or applying their knowledge after the class is over.

Each cybersecurity camp has a $20 registration fee. Bruce Brumley, a professor of computer systems technology at City College, is the camp’s instructor.

The theme of the Elementary STEM Camp, which runs from August 7–11 and is open to third–5th graders, will be on water hydraulics through a water pump project and solar cell activities. Students will showcase their work to their families and any interested parties on the final day of camp. Hands-on math, reading, and writing opportunities will be included in the activities and instruction through the two projects.

The cost of the STEM camp registration is $250. With support from a secondary science and English education student, Elaine Westbrook, Ed.D., an assistant professor of science education in the College of Education, leads the camp. To eligible students, a limited amount of financial aid is offered.

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