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New book highlights the military heroes of Montana



Montana – Montanans have consistently demonstrated a strong willingness to serve their nation.

A recent book titled “Beyond Belief: True Stories of Montana Heroes That Defy Comprehension” contains some of their tales. Douglas Sterner has written 111 books about military history.

His passion in writing and military history dates back to his youth.

“In Kalispell in 1964, I wrote my first book. It was never published. It was a World War II story about three guys who got the Medal of Honor. It just seems writing seems to be my passion,” he said.

Veteran of the Vietnam War Sterner has spent the last three decades creating a database of the military’s most honored former service members.

His most recent book recounts the brave deeds of 185 Montanans who took part in conflicts from the 1800s to the present.

He claims that Sara Stires, a Billings Senior High School alumna who received the Distinguished Flying Cross, would be featured on the cover from the moment he began writing.

“The Distinguished Flying Cross is a very high award. It has only been presented to 24 women in history and only one woman in the Navy. Sara Stires earned that in Afghanistan shortly after the war on terrorism began in 2001,” he says.

The book’s pages are jam-packed with amazing tales of people who went above and beyond.

Because acts of bravery don’t always occur on good days, according to Sterner, many of these soldiers never spoke much about what they did. Frequently, it took place on their worst day ever.

“That’s why it is important for historians like myself to tell their stories so that they don’t have to because what they did is important to future generations, not just to their kids and their grandkids, but those men and women who will be called to service in decades to come,” he says.

Pamela and Sterner currently reside in Pueblo, Colorado.

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