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North Dakota internship programs and their future significance



North Dakota – With 21 institutions in North Dakota, selecting a course of study for a potential career may be difficult.

There are several alternatives available to you in the state, and occasionally working in an internship can be beneficial.

More college students are filling the 300+ internship positions available in North Dakota, which has assisted many in securing the position they seek.

“I know for a fact that I probably wouldn’t have known what I wanted to do without having an internship at first just because you know you get your theories in class and you sit there and listen to someone talk about what it’s like in the world of business or in the world of your degree,” said Content Marketing Manager for the Minot Hot Tots, Emily Love.

56% of interns go on to work as full-time workers at the companies where they interned, according to College students can gain practical experience through internships for life in the job after graduation.

“We get so many hands-on experiences you’re not just taking notes and doing grunt work you really are just getting into and seeing what the career is actually going to look like so I feel like they are doing very well and they are going to continue to get more competitive and have a stronger presence within North Dakota in general,” Love said.

Also, internships are a fantastic chance to experience several businesses, particularly if you’re unsure of what you want to do in the future. One individual claims that taking part in various internship programs enabled him to land a position that didn’t feel like a job.

“I started in food and beverage kind of side of things and kinda learned from that first experience of ticket sales kinda is more where I want to be. So I learned from that and was able to move into ticket sales the next year, but then gained a lot of experience from both internships to kinda get a good picture of different areas of how a team runs,” said the Director of Ticket Sales for the Minot Hot Tots, John Armstrong.

Most institutions estimate that between 50 and 75 percent of undergraduate students switch their majors throughout their first several years. Several students’ participation in internships helped them choose the degree and lifestyle they wished to lead.

These programs are simple to enroll in and offer life-changing opportunities. A variety of internship options are available from Hot Tots in Minot.

Please visit their website to learn more.

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