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‘One Class at a Time’ honors a teacher at Bitterroot Elementary School



Billings, Montana – For “One Class at a Time,” Western Security Bank, City Brew Coffee, and the Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools have joined together. This initiative honors educators who go above and above for their students.

Meet Darby Hansen, a dedicated first-grade teacher who inspires her children to achieve success and give their all.

“I want them to take ownership in their learning,” said Miss Hansen.

“Too often you see people talk to kids and not with kids, and so when they can articulate and say, ‘This is what I want, this is what I need to happen’, they take more ownership into it and therefore I’ve seen more success with their learning. So the more they have to buy in, the more you’re going to get from them. I just want them to take on the love of learning. They have a long road ahead of them. This is just the beginning, so if they start off now not liking school, for whatever reason, it’s just going to be a struggle until they find that love. So if we can start now when they’re young their educational journey is going to be that much easier for them.”

For being a teacher who goes the extra mile to make sure here students succeed, Miss Hansen was presented with a $500 grant sponsored by Western Security Bank and a $150 gift card from City Brew Coffee. Congratulations!


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