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Park County Community Foundation raises $3 million for flood victims in 2022.



Park County, Montana – Parts of Park County were practically cut off from the outside world a year ago when Highway 89 was closed. Residents are still having difficulties a year later, but claim that this has brought them closer together.

“The Yellowstone River really showed us who’s boss here in Park County,” says Gavin Clark, executive director of the Park County Community Foundation.

One year has passed since the Yellowstone River inundated Park County homes, businesses, and roadways. To help folks get back on their feet, the Park County Community Foundation donated $3 million, which they distributed to about 400 people.

“Tens of millions of dollars worth of damage here in Park County just as a result of property damage,” says Clark. “People have been hurting here over the last year in a big way. They’re still rebuilding. They’re still recovering.”

One year later, Clark claims that they are closer as the county works to clean up.

“Of this disaster was the fact that our community came together to help each other out. We saw countless examples of neighbors helping neighbors,” says Clark.


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